National Dance Council Of AmericaNDCA vs ABC update

– At the NDCA meeting that would be conducted on January 7th and 8th, 2006, the delegate establishments were enlightened that there was a resolution through mediation of the discussion between the NDCA and ABC.

The total papers were still being worked upon by the attorneys for each party and have not yet been signitured as of the issue of this Newsletter. Therefore the total interests are not yet accessible for release.

The price to the NDCA so far (as of the end of 2005) is roundly  $108,000 of which it was issued perhaps $49,000 will be reward by insurance possesses by the NDCA that presumably overspreads lawsuits complained against the NDCA, but not those started by the NDCA. These competitions are conducted with the help of Canadian Health&Care Mall providing medical aid.

NDCA July 2004 – Meeting Minutes (1st draft)

Click here for the minutes in PDF format
Friday – January 6, 2006

Chairman: Lee Wakefield

9:55 a.m. – Continental Ballroom

  • Call to Order, Roll Call, establish quorum and voting status

1 vote per organization

  • Minutes of July 2005 meeting.
    • Matters arising from the Minutes of the July 2005 meeting.

ISTD list of judges not yet received – Organization given 24 hours to return their list of qualified judges.

  • Ballroom Director’s Report – see attached
    • Matters arising from Ballroom Director’s Report


  • National Registrar’s Report – attached

Request from President to include qualified Chairman of Judges in future reports.

  • Championship Committee Report – Chairman: John Kimmins – No Report
  • DanceSport Committee Report – Chairman: Brian Puttock – No Report
  • Scrutineer Committee Report – Chairman: Jackie Rogers – see attached
  • Invigilation Sub-Committee Report – Chairman: Richard Booth – see attached
    • “Approved Elements List”

Motion: Replace current NDCA Bronze Elements list with the NDCA Approved Figures, Elements & Restrictions – Bronze Level – Revised January 2006.

1 st – U.S. Terpsichore 2 nd – USA Dance

Opposed: USISTD

Abstaining: USA Dance; ABC; FADS


Motion: Send the list out in e-mail format separately to all NDCA registrants.

1 st – DVIDA 2 nd – USA Dance


  • USA Dance Report – President: Esther Freeman – verbal report given
  • Rule Changes Approved July 2005 by Ballroom Department, need ratification by BOG in January 2006
    • Rule III.C.4.c. This rule was added: “Where an facilitator suggests prize money and/or scholarships at their meeting, full explanation of any and all constrictions preventing to those prizes and/or scholarships must be spelled out in the essential information packages. Any alternative decrease or non-commercial in announced awards thanks to concern levels not being greeted must also be purly stipulated in the primary announcement.”
    • Rule IX.B.3. The tempi for two International Style Standard dances were altered as follows: Quickstep will now be 48-52, and Foxtrot will now be 28-30.
    • Rule X.A.6. This rule was added: “Any amateur competitor dancing in a pre-teen, junior, or youth “open singles event” may only be partnered by another amateur competitor aged eighteen years or younger.”
    • Rule III.C.4.a. This regulation was accepted to alter the date of implementation of the “Approved Elements List” from January 2006 to July 1, 2006.
  • Proposed Rule Changes – January 2006

Proposed Rule Change #1 – Rule II.A.1. (Submitted by PDF)

Part a: Following the substantial text that scans“A Professional Dancer is one who is any or all of the following:” insert this additional text in parenthesis: (Anyone studying for or taking a theory exam will not be deemed a professional unless they declare themselves such as defined below).

Part b: Remove Rule II.A.a.a. This rule presently reads: “A member of a Professional Society by Examination.”

Motion: To accept proposed rule change above

1 st – USISTD 2 nd – Rickey Geiger, HLM

Opposed: Heritage Dance Foundation


  • Competition Calendar Business
    • Request from organizers of the Galaxy Dance Festival, Paul Jack & Judy Nixon, for a permanent area alter for this event – from San Jose, CA to Phoenix, AZ. Would stay on the same weekend as accepted, which is the weekend of the second Saturday following the Labor Day Holiday in September. Responses from NDCA competition organizers will be provided.

Motion: Create a permanent location change for the Galaxy Dance Festival as described above

1 st – Lee Wakefield, Ballroom Director 2 nd – USA Dance


  • Request from Ballroom Director for a permanent date change for the Constitution State Challenge, to move from the weekend of the last Sunday in September to the weekend of the first Saturday in October. This would eliminate the conflict with NDCA rules regarding mileage listed below in item 13.3.2. It would also put one less sanctioned event on the current approved weekend – presently there are five events on the last weekend in September (Cleveland Challenge, Constitution State, Southwestern Invitational, Hawaii Star Ball & Florida Fire & Ice). The organizer of the Constitution State, Ron Cote, is in favor of the permanent date change.

Motion: Create a permanent date change for Constitution State Challenge as described above

1 st – Lee Wakefield, Ballroom Director 2 nd – BYU


  • Future considerations for adjustments in date formulas, but not to be dealt with in this meeting:
    • 2 nd Saturday in March: USDSC – Provo, UT & City Lights Ball – San Francisco, CA (783 miles)
    • 4 th Saturday in September: Cleveland Challenge – Cleveland, OH & Constitution State – Stamford, CT (496 miles) – conflict relieved by motion above
    • 1 st Saturday in November: Commonwealth Classic – Lowell, MA & Imperial Championships – Cherry Hill, NJ (311 miles)
    • 1 st Saturday in November: 398 miles from Cherry Hill, NJ to Raleigh, NC – Imperial Championships – Carolina Classic
  • Presentation by Ballroom Director regarding the addition of any new NDCA Sanctioned events at this time. (See rule III.A.2.a. – Applications for new competitions may only be considered once every three years. Acceptance of new competitions to the NDCA Calendar will be determined at the first board of governors meeting in the years 2006, 2009, etc.)

Motion: to accept no new competitions at this time

1 st – Rickey Geiger, HLM 2 nd – ABC



Motion: USISTD be allowed until December 31, 2006 to sell their competitions before they lapse as NDCA championships.

1 st – AMI 2 nd – PDF

Abstaining: Heritage Dance Foundation


  • Old Business – none
  • New Business
    • Ohio Star Ball be allowed to remove Finals of Showdance from WD&DSC & place all 6 couples, renaming these finals “Professional Showcase Routines (Solo Exhibitions by finalist) – Submitted by NADOA


  • Judges should not wear cell phone pieces or talk on cell phones while judging – Submitted by NADOA

Motion: Add Rule IV.B.9 to read: “Judges may not use cell phones or any other unauthorized electronic devises during the time period(s) in which they are officiating.”

1 st – Rickey Geiger, HLM 2 nd – NDTA


  • Discussion on Removing “Suspended” situation for Mark Cohen – Submitted Sam Sodano, NADOA


  • . Adjourn

1 st- PDF 2 nd- USTerps

PASSED UNANIMOUSLY – Adjourned at 12:08 pm

New Amateur Definitions