alcoholismMany people believe that beer is a quite harmless drink. However, scientists who study the problem of alcoholism, say that you can not distinguish the alcoholic beverages on their degree of harm they do to the body. In fact, there are no harmless alcohol containing beverages.

Producers of beer impose advertising to thу customers, which aims to increase sales. The advertisement claims that the beer is a low-alcohol drink and even useful for our organism. But this is not the truth. Some varieties of beer have rather high alcohol content – up to 14%, almost like in wine.

Drinking people do not treat “beer alcoholism” like a serious disease. It’s wrong. After all, consequences of beer alcoholism for the organism are much more destructive.

Symptoms and signs of the beer alcoholism

hangoverDevelopment of beer alcoholism is slower than others of its species. Dependence of beer has its own characteristics and it allows us to consider it a separate type of alcohol dependence.

Although gambrinizm (from the Latin “gambrinismus” – “beer alcoholism”) is considered not quite correct among physicians, and nobody has been diagnosed with this disease yet, the term is often used in the media. Drug experts do not like the expression “beer alcoholism”, as they should also distinguish wine, vodka and cognac dependence. And yet, some of the scientists assert that gambrinizm is a special form of alcoholism.

The basic principle of development of beer dependency is “long and almost invisible.” A man drinking 2 bottles of beer a day, doesn’t not feel any suffucient changes in his organism. Only a pleasant relaxation. However, the real alcoholism hides behind this “harmless” hobby. A man feels an overwhelming desire to experience this state every day and longs for to the frequent use of beer.

Symptoms of beer alcoholism:

  • Beer consumption in the morning in order to get rid of a hangover;
  • Insomnia at night and daytime sleepiness;
  • The weakening of potency;
  • Regular (daily) consumption of no less than 1 liter of beer;
  • Inability to relax without stimulants;
  • Aggression during periods of forced sobriety, irritability;
  • Periodic headaches occurring more and more frequently;
  • Abdomen growth, which is often called a “beer belly”.

If a person drinks beer not every day, later he wants to consume more foamy drink. Finally he can’t abandon its daily use. the dose gets increased many times. An alcoholic can drink up to 15 liters of drink per day in very severe cases.

In case of beer alcoholism, hangover is similar to that one in common alcoholism, but it is much harder to be removed. Besides the patient may suffer from a headache and be tormented by severe diarrhea.

Female beer alcoholismwoman alcoholic

Many symptoms of female alcoholism coincide with those of men. Besides, there are such problems as:

  • Reluctance to take care of the family;
  • Depression;
  • Petulance;
  • Soul-searching;
  • Tearfulness.

Female beer alcoholism is growing more rapidly and treated much worse. In this case Canadian Health&Care Mall advices an urgent address to the expert of narcology and fulfill all his requirements at the slightest manifestation of this illness.

Adolescent beer dependence

Teenage beer dependence is as common as adult one. It is compounded by the fact that a naive child can not realize the damages of a regular alcoholic beverages intake. The teenage body gets used to beer faster than the adults’, so children should be carefully monitored.

Dangerous consequences of beer alcoholism

Sad businessman If you regularly use the “soft” drink, the body necessarily fails. After all, beer contains alcohol toxins (if you drink a lot of beer, the toxins enter the organism in dangerous quantities) and harmful compounds that significantly impair the metabolism and function of all vital organs and systems:

The heart

Primarily, the heart suffers. German professor Boliger called the heart of beer lovers “bullish” , as its walls thicken significantly, expanding cavity, besides there is cell death in the heart muscle. The culprit of this disease is cobalt, which is used as a foam stabilizer. The content of this element in the heart of abusers is 10 times above normal. This element also causes inflammation in the stomach and esophagus. The work of the heart is violated also by carbon dioxide contained in the beer in large quantities. Beer, entering the body, fills up the vessels of the circulatory system. The result is the expansion of the heart boundaries and varicose expansion of veins. People who abuse “foamy drink” het a “nylon stocking” syndrome. Their heart sags, increases in size, becomes flabby and poorly copes with a “pump” function (pumping blood).

Endocrine system

Toxic substances, contained in beer, disrupt the endocrine system. At the regular beer consumption a substance is allocated that inhibits the production of testosterone (male hormone).

Men who consume beer, start accumulationg fat to a female pattern: on the sides, thighs, breasts grow. Besides beer significantly weakens an interest to the opposite sex. 15 years of alcohol containing beverages guarantee impotence.

If a woman drinks beer, her voice becomes rough and the risk of infertility and cancer increases. If a breastfeeding mother drinks beer, her children grow up with a high predisposition to epilepsy.


Doctors have found that people who regularly consume beer, are often diagnosed with the liver enlargement, which leads to the development of cirrhosis.


Beer kills brain cells. They get into the blood, filtered by the kidneys and removed from the body in urine.

Other organs and systems

A beer drinker develops such diseases as gastritis, pancreatitis, hepatitis, hypertension, neuropathy, his auditory and visual analyzers are violated. The beer alcoholism develops hyponatremia and lactic acidosis. Alcoholics get into hospitals in a very poor condition with severe dementia.

Beer alcoholism development stages

beer abuseBeer dependence is divided into the following stages:

  1. Mild dependence. The family and the person himself do not notice this dependence. Man takes beer during the holidays, then with colleagues, friends (not every day) several times a week – without any system. It ends with a daily consumption of 1 – 2 bottles of beer;
  2. Heavy dependence. In this stage the person gets irritable, aggressive, there are problems with relaxation. Beer alcoholics drink every day, but not to get drunk to an uncontrolled state. The dose of the drink is very large (up to 15 liters of beer per day). At this stage, the person needs urgent help of a narcologist.

Causes of beer dependence

Hops is a basic component of beer. This plant is the closest relative of hemp (they can cross and get hybrids). Everyone knows that hemp is a drug, the same as hashish and marijuana. Naturally, hops also contains drugs, but to a lesser extent, and ethyl spirit can be attributed to hard drugs. Therefore, beer drinking is formed quickly and almost imperceptibly. Drug experts say that unhealthy dependence may develop even to nonalcoholic beer; moreover, alcoholics get drug withdrawal symptoms.

Treatment of beer alcoholism

pillsMany people are interested in the question: “How to get rid of the beer alcoholism?”
First of all, we must remember: if you reject the use of harmful binge, it will be impossible to start over! Metabolism in the brain is disturbed, that’s why the normal response to alcohol-containing beverages will never recover. The least their consumption will necessarily lead to a breakdown. Even abstinence from alcohol for decades does not guarantee that a person can drink culturally. As they say, there are no ex-alcoholics.

Alcoholism requires a long and hard treatment. It is necessary that the patient admits the dependence on beer himself and wants to recover, as the compulsory treatment of beer alcoholism is completely useless.

There are several methods of tyhe disease treatment:

  • Hypnosis;
  • Laser coding;
  • Drugs;
  • Natural remedies.

First of all, you need to withdraw a person out of alcoholism and eliminate the effects of alcohol intoxication, and then it’s necessary to suppress unhealthy obsession with it. Everything depends on you! Be healthy!