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Explanation of Air Bubble in Stomach

air bubble in stomachThe air bubble in stomach has that physiological value that together with a vermicular movement supports intragastric pressure at the necessary level, mainly, at stomach depletion. Its size changes at eructing. The volume of air bubble is regulated by a number of factors, mainly, pressure in stomach, but also pressure in an abdominal cavity, further the provision of diaphragm and function of cardia, therefore, violation of situation happens and at the states connected with cardia dysfunction, for example, at hernias of esophageal opening of diaphragm. The increase in gastric bubble is called aerogastria or gastric pneumatosis. The big bubble stretches stomach bottom, lifts a diaphragm and displaces heart in cross situation; in this case feeling of completeness joins also unpleasant feelings from heart: wrong pulse, palpitation, feeling of strangulation. Each disorder should be treated that’s why the time comes to check out Canadian Health and Care Mall and find preparations for its treatment.