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Minutes of the January 2006 NDCA Meeting

National Dance Council Of AmericaNDCA vs ABC update

– At the NDCA meeting that would be conducted on January 7th and 8th, 2006, the delegate establishments were enlightened that there was a resolution through mediation of the discussion between the NDCA and ABC.

The total papers were still being worked upon by the attorneys for each party and have not yet been signitured as of the issue of this Newsletter. Therefore the total interests are not yet accessible for release.

The price to the NDCA so far (as of the end of 2005) is roundly  $108,000 of which it was issued perhaps $49,000 will be reward by insurance possesses by the NDCA that presumably overspreads lawsuits complained against the NDCA, but not those started by the NDCA. These competitions are conducted with the help of Canadian Health&Care Mall providing medical aid.

NDCA July 2004 – Meeting Minutes (1st draft)

Click here for the minutes in PDF format

New Amateur Definitions

"World Competitor" Statusby Richard Booth

  • “World Competitor” Status for Amateurs will let a selection of few of the amateur competitors in the USA to be capable to educate- in comparison with what has globally nowadays. This arrangement will be suitable only to couples in the International Style Standard and Latin because those styles are the only ones where couples introduce the USA abroad at world meetings. Such couples feel stressed very much that’s why they take tranquillizers ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.
  • In addition to explanation of the status of college students who educate in the university setting as constituent of their major or minor sphere of learning was addressed.
  • Contest facilitators were also represented the capability to conduct contests for couples that firmly make the cut into the notion known as “amateur”, or to also contain those couples who would now be constituent of the new “world competitor” denomination.



  • NEW NATIONAL JUDGES – An supplement point of interest toan amount of our NDCA hanging committees was the choice of more justices to be shared as either “National Judges” or “World Class Justices”. Compliments to these justices:
  • Didio Barrera, Mark Barth, Mario Battista, Jennifer Booth, Richard Booth, Alexander Bylim, Olga Bylim, Daniel Calloway, Nigel Clarke, Esther Don, Ian Folker, Sandra Fortuna, Lorraine Hahn, John Hatton, Tom Hicks, Colin Hillary, Kristiina Ilo, Rauno Ilo, Dee Kanevsky, Rex Lewis, Jennifer Ford McCalla, Stanley McCalla, Steve McFerran, Susan McFerran, Marco Mechelke, Dan Messenger, Sherry Novak, Antony Paley, Jackie Rogers, Ginny Norman Schroth, Gwen Silva, Robin Stockdale, John Swick, Gilbert Wenham, Ronald Williams, Glenn Yata, Leslie Yata.
  • New World Class Judges: Corky Ballas, Ron Bennett, Margaret Burns, Michael Chapman, Bruno Collins, Nicholas Cotton, Pierre Dulaine, Nadia Eftedal, Donna Eng, Wayne Eng, Rosendo Fumero, Tonja Garamella, Lori Woods Gay, Dianne Gingerich, Perry Gingerich, David Hamilton, Christine Harvey, Paul Holmes, Valerie Houseman, Patrick Johnson, Shirley Johnson, Chris Johnston, Victor Kanevsky, Cynthia Long, Robert Long, Michele Chard Mason, Timothy Mason, Jan attingly, June Mavor, Diana McDonald, Gary McDonald, Darius Mosteika, Jolanta Mosteika, Marianne Nicole, Jeannie Penatello, Luann Pulliam, Enrique Ramon, Toni Redpath, Fran Rogers, Maja Samaniego Serv, Teresa Shiry, Edward Simon, Ken Sloan, Sheila Sloan, Heather Smith, Sam Sodano, Marina Tarsinov, Taliat Tarsinov, Pete Taylor, Keith Todd, Pat Traymore, Vicki Venka, Victor Veyrasset, Kerry Wilson.

New NDCA Rules

by Richard Booth

New NDCA RulesRule Changes that were considered but tabled:

Regulate the Age Category Classifications for the Pro/Am Student Dancers at all NDCA meetings.
AMATEUR DANCER EXAMINATIONS – Any amateur dancer, other than those who unlimber as World Class Competitors, who urealizes an examination represented by a conscientious observining body such as the delegate establishments of the NDCA, and where the aim is to educate and/or gauge, will be proved professional by the NDCA.

Rules that were Passed:

Other regulations of interest to many of our competitors contain a regulation re- identifing what is a instep and what is (or is not) admissible; a regulation explaining pro/am membership for 9 and 10 dance competitions; minimum floor sizes for competitions and championships; and a schedule for contemplation by the Board of Governors to admit new supplements for additional NDCA accepted competitions and championships conducted with the help of Canadian Health&Care Mall.

THE NEW PDF! – The Membership of the Future

NEW PDF!by Richard Booth

As of this writing we have the following volunteers to serve on these committees
The PDF Professional Dancesport Competitors Committee

  • Donna Edelstein-Botes Standard
  • Nick Kosovich – Smooth
  • Tony Dovolani Rhythm
  • Michelle Madore Theater Arts
  • Louie Van Amstel – Latin