Diabetes is a systemic disease that affects blood vessels of the body. Effect of diabetes on potency is an indisputable fact, because according to statistics at least a quarter of men with diabetes have these or other potency disorders.

With What is Diabetes Dangerous for Man’s Sexual Health?

First of all, diabetes disrupts blood vessels, especially small ones. Because of circulatory disturbance, penis during excitation is not sufficiently filled with blood, which causes weak and insufficient erection to continue sexual intercourse.

Secondly, diabetes affects hormonal balance, namely, level of testosterone hormone, on which sexual function of men depends. High blood sugar lowers testosterone levels in men. In its turn, testosterone regulates blood sugar, so low level of testosterone is one of the causes of diabetes. Therefore, one of the methods of treating diabetes is to increase testosterone in men.

Thirdly, brain nutrition is disrupted, which can cause absence of sexual desire at all.erectile dysfunction and diabetes

And do not forget about psychological disorders of potency, which can be caused by one unsuccessful or not performed sexual intercourse. With reduced testosterone, psyche of a man is less stable, which can lead to inadequate situation for his failures.

The power of persuasion can also play a cruel joke. How? A man is diagnosed with diabetes, he learns that this disease has bad effect on male potency, and gets worked up on this, creating a good ground for real problems.

A Few Tips for Preventing Diabetes

  • Refuse from starchy foods (buns, white bread, pastries, pasta). Of course, we can not completely abandon starchy products, but we must try to minimize their use. For example, when choosing bread, make a choice in favor of brown.
  • Eat in small portions (up to 5 times a day). This helps to increase metabolism, and as a consequence, prevents deposition of excess fat.
  • Lose extra pounds. Excess weight is the second after heredity cause of diabetes.
  • Daily exercise helps to improve metabolism, prevents appearance of excess weight, improves work of the entire body.
  • Monitor testosterone level. As it was said before, testosterone regulates sugar in blood.

Diabetes is not a verdict for potency. It is possible to reduce and minimize impact of diabetes by following recommendations of doctor.