air bubble in stomachThe air bubble in stomach has that physiological value that together with a vermicular movement supports intragastric pressure at the necessary level, mainly, at stomach depletion. Its size changes at eructing. The volume of air bubble is regulated by a number of factors, mainly, pressure in stomach, but also pressure in an abdominal cavity, further the provision of diaphragm and function of cardia, therefore, violation of situation happens and at the states connected with cardia dysfunction, for example, at hernias of esophageal opening of diaphragm. The increase in gastric bubble is called aerogastria or gastric pneumatosis. The big bubble stretches stomach bottom, lifts a diaphragm and displaces heart in cross situation; in this case feeling of completeness joins also unpleasant feelings from heart: wrong pulse, palpitation, feeling of strangulation. Each disorder should be treated that’s why the time comes to check out Canadian Health and Care Mall and find preparations for its treatment.

The aerogastria reason is considered aerophagia, literally it means an air swallowing. But this name isn’t right as air isn’t swallowed actively at this deviation, and is passively soaked up in gullet. Probably not only cardia dysfunction participates in this mechanism, but also the subconscious movements of neck and thorax which change pressure conditions in chest cavity and in stomach. There is a question, whether there is a speech only about a neurotic spasm or there is necessity for esophageal area, for example, of latent hernia of esophageal opening of diaphragm. In any case, at an aerogastria and gastrocardiac syndrome recommend to look for first of all this deviation. As the speech doesn’t go about “aerofagia” in a literal sense, it is in vain to call for that the patient “didn’t swallow of air”. Aerofagia is often connected with an eructation. But all these may be treated via Canadian Health and Care Mall with its wide range of preparations obligatory to be used during treatment.

Eructation is the release of air from stomach through mouth without smack. In normal conditions the eructation is the insuring mechanism regulating the size of air bubble. At an aerogastria the eructation is a component of aerofagic spasm, in this case at roentgenoscopy it is possible to be convinced that the air gastric bubble doesn’t change at an eructing. The eructation is the manifestation of various disorders of digestion, mainly, functional. The considerable aerogastria meets often without other symptoms of dyspepsia as manifestation of neurosis or hysteria. Therefore attacks of loud eructing arise most often in society and in public. It is enough for not hysterical persons to explain a state and to recommend to open mouth at attempts to eructation.