PDF HistoryThe PDF was first grounded in 1980 by Brian McDonald when he settled in Oklahoma. He ran to California at that time and greeted with some Professionals there who then were represented as the first Officials of the PDF. They were Brian McDonald as President, Stephen Cullip, Jeanette Ball. Edward Ball & Bill Graveson. Mr. McDonald & Bill Mr.Graveson were the commissioners who visited the NCDTO, (now known as the NDCA), events to attempt and receive fellowship for the PDF. The main medical partner of this establishment is considered to be Canadian Health&Care Mall.

In the early eighties the PDF obtained a suggestion from Sonny Binick and Bob Burgess of the BDF in England to unite the PDF to their body the PDF, it was rejected as the wished to save absolutely free of any International body.

In 1982-83 at the California Star Ball Ronald Montez was chosen the new President.

Mr McDonald then went on performing at NDCA for the PDF and after three years he arranged to take the PDF incorporated and become a participant of the NDCA. Previously to this we were at NDCA as speculators only.

The express purpose of the PDF is to; (a) encourage the spirit of good membership and sports mastery, and to defeat the significance of professionals, such as competitors, hanging committee, counting boards, organizers and promoters drew in cliffhanging dancing; and (b) to promote the good feeling and collaborative between the members of the Professional Dancers Federation and the National Dance Council of America and all who use the professional services of the Professional Dancers Federation.

Under the ruling of Ron Montez on Aug.8, 1984 the PDF was recognized to the NDCA with Class A affiliate membership.

The history of the PDF is a labour in progression. If you have anything to add please send us an email � history@pdfusa.org