How does smoking affect potency? Answer to this question is well known to inveterate smokers! And the answer to it is unequivocal! Influences, and influences badly. About how smoking affects potency is very eloquently show pictures in the Internet. As they say, everything is clear without words.

If you look a little deeper into mechanisms of influence of smoking on potency, you can see continuation of those visual analogies.

Smoking causes vasospasm that lasts after smoking for a while, and if vessels are still spasmed, and smoker again «drags on», then difficulty of blood flow continues. A prolonged spasm is already a serious failure in supply of nutrients to all organs.

First of all, it will influence tissues that feed on small blood vessels, in particular on tissues of most valuable for a man «male dignity».

Next, there will be problems with erection, which can be indicated by disorders of morning (spontaneous) erection. Further, stagnation of blood supply in small pelvis, repeatedly enhanced by sedentary way of life, will provoke inflammation of prostate gland, and it is not far to prostate adenoma

And this was all considered without taking into account carcinogenicity of many substances that make up cigarette. Smoking and potency are «incompatible things».smoking and potency

Exchange Smoking for Potency

And here is how one of these smokers with decent smoking experience describes effect on potency:

Does smoking affect potency? Of course it affects! When my «little friend» once again failed me, I had to see a doctor, then I took for a long time pills, I managed to quit smoking, I started riding a bike. Especially after «withdrawals», breath is at the limit, body begins to clear. Health is clearly coming back, «my little friend» has cheered up! I hope not to return to smoking!

Note that the so-called passive smokers (involuntary smokers, non-smokers next to a person who smokes) are also subject to negative effect of smoke on male potency.

Harmful substances that are in the smoke of cigarettes, for example nicotine, a variety of different pitches, also carbon monoxide enter bloodstream through lungs, which carries them through the body, in particular to genital organs.

As already mentioned, nicotine causes a fairly persistent vasospasm, which literally covers the very possibility of erection. With frequent inhalation of nicotine arteriosclerosis arises, their gradual vessels blockage. And you can only speak about erection…

Smoking and Testosterone

Smoking and testosterone are connected. Smoker begins to gradually decrease his own production of testosterone – the most important for the male body hormone. This, in its turn, reduces sexual activity, the so-called libido – attraction to women, decreases potency in all meanings of this word, not only possibilities of intimate character, but also social activity of a man, his desire to create and, in general, to achieve something in life.

Modern definition of impotence brings a similar picture. Thus, it is found that impotence and smoking are directly related. Studies have shown that 1 pack a day is enough to increase risk of impotence by 60%.

Finally, smoking reduces sperm motility, that is, reduces reproductive ability of a man, according to studies, in heavy smokers ability of sperm to fertilize is only 25% compared to non-smokers.

Persistent negative effect of constant smoking on potency is not immediately apparent. Obvious difference between smoking and non-smoking man is found according to statistics in almost 5 years, as if the body stubbornly tries to maintain health of its owner. Moreover, it is only necessary for a smoker with experience to quit smoking, as the body immediately begins to recover, and, after about a month and a half, almost a third of men with potency problems essentially recover lost opportunities.

Smoking and Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the most humiliating, sucking out vitality men’s disease. Treatment is difficult, time-consuming and not very effective. But prevention of prostatitis proved to be simple and surprisingly effective means of combating this scourge! What smoking has to do with it?

Statistics show that smokers compared with non-smokers:

  • go to doctors about prostatitis twice as often;
  • illness proceeds and is treated more difficult;
  • sharply increases risk of developing prostate cancer.

Unfortunately, this is not just a «scarecrow», but inexorable facts. Considering that prostatitis is extremely common and every year becomes «younger» it makes sense to think about it…