Alcohol is a real poison. This simple truth seems to many to be stupid and inappropriate, especially when it comes to men. Reason for this is modern society, which dictates rigid rules for survival in it and requires each individual clearly to follow them.

So, a real man and a professional should drink with chief on the party, otherwise they will doubt his leadership qualities. A real man can not refuse a friend whom he has not seen for a couple of years, because otherwise he will be suspected of disrespect. In the end, a real man can not come on a date without a bottle of good red wine, otherwise he will be considered a miser.

Harm and Benefit of Alcohol

Meanwhile, effect of alcohol on male body is extremely damaging, in any quantity and regardless of frequency of use. Alcohol is merciless to male health, once lost, it is not easy to return.Alcohol and Testosterone

Small doses of alcohol at first glance are harmless. A glass of red wine on a date will stimulate nervous system and increase sexual arousal. It will improve blood circulation in genital area and give persistent and prolonged erection. Moreover, insidious alcohol will dull sensitivity and help to prolong the moment of intimacy. It would seem that nothing can spoil this ideal picture of a romantic evening.

Malfunction in hormonal exchange may spoil it, which leads to the fact that male hormone testosterone is inhibited. In the end, constant experiments on the body with alcoholic drinks lead first to decrease in potency, and then to impotence, if a man does not stop on time.

More harmful in this regard are large doses of alcohol. They affect not only hormonal background, but also disrupt functioning of liver. That’s why in the morning after a wild party a man can experience unexpected erection and be just deceived by his own organism, thinking that everything is normal. After all, this reaction to alcohol is due to the fact that liver has produced enzymes that affect sex hormones, under aggressive influence. But such a scheme of sexual desire is not natural, normal, and therefore, depletes the body. Moreover, male hormone during this period simply collapses.

The Main Male Hormone – Testosterone

In the opposite direction it, of course, can not mutate. It is this hormone that is responsible for activity of a man, his sexual desire and need for female attention. Over the years, level of the hormone decreases, which affects potency. Many men under the influence of hormone reduction fall into depression and refuse sexual pleasures too early. After all, with the help of doctors, potency can be easily returned to previous level, and desire will return by itself.

Given vulnerability of male hormone and excessively aggressive effects of alcohol on male body, doctors warn that regular use of alcohol is fraught with irreversible consequences. You can avoid them if you not only «know the enemy in person», but also are able to keep your desires in a tight line.

Alcohol and Sexual Activity

Despite the fact that influence of alcohol on the whole body can be assessed as negative, men are most concerned about not sick heart or liver, but possibility of continuing active sex life. But regular reception of alcoholic drinks is fraught with the fact that it becomes more difficult for male population to control ejaculation, erection fails at the most crucial moment, and spermatozoa are completely destroyed under disastrous effect, making it impossible to fertilize. In such circumstances, issue of sexual intimacy is no longer discussed, moreover, many people try to drown grief in a glass, which only aggravates the situation.

After meeting with friends in pub, male’s sexual system recovers for at least a month. Alcohol continues to maim spermatozoids throughout this time, depriving them of their ability to perform their basic function of conceiving healthy child. Remembering that production of new spermatozoa in the body occurs every three months, a man should completely give up alcohol at the time of conception of future offspring. Such tough for some measure is justified by the fact that health of future baby directly depends on health of father and mother. Therefore, it is so important to be «clean» in this period. Moreover, negative impact of bad habits on fetus has been proven repeatedly.

It should be noted that alcohol is merciless to male hormone. Testosterone is produced in testicles, which, under coarse influence of alcoholic beverages, are gradually atrophied. The end result of such impact is sad – doctors diagnose infertility on the background of alcohol abuse.

Drinking another shot of vodka, a man should remember that his sexual power is killed at this point also by liver, which begins to produce enzymes, intended to destroy testosterone. Gradually influence of alcohol affects desire for intimacy with a woman – it disappears, as well as erection weakens, which also does not positively affect wild nights plans.

The result of the «affair with a glass» is impotence – diagnosis that sounds like a sentence for every member of the stronger sex, regardless of age. Moreover, alcohol is also guilty of activating processes in male body to convert male hormone into female hormone.

So, testosterone becomes estrogen, and a man turns into a woman. That’s why you can often see enlarged mammary glands in those who like alcoholic drinks or obesity by female type. By the way, the most insidious in this respect alcoholic beverage is beer, so beloved by many. Its basis is hops, which inevitably affects mutation of male hormone, and it turns into female hormone.Alcohol influence on male sexual function

Suppressed testosterone leads to deterioration in sperm quality and problems with achievement of orgasm. Alcohol inevitably reduces quality of spermatozoa and their mobility. That is why fathers, too keen on alcohol, most often have children born with various defects.

Joy of orgasm can be delayed due to the fact that regular consumption of alcohol inevitably leads to damage to subcortical structure of brain, which affects hormone testosterone, sexual desire and decreased libido. The sad fact is also that even young body is not able to resist damaging effects of the demon drink.