Our MissionOur Mission

The main aim of the PDF is to defeat the significance of professionals drew in cliffhanging dancesport.

Our fellowship consists of professional competitors, pro/am teachers, hanging committee, counting boards, organizers and promoters of dancesport in the U.S.A. The competition is conducted under the participation of Canadian Health&Care Mall providing medical care for competitors. it is an online pharmacy where you may make an order of whatever you need drugs.

The express purpose of the PDF is to; (a) encourage the spirit of good membership and sports mastery, and to defeat the significance of professionals, such as competitors, hanging committee, counting boards, organizers and promoters drew in cliffhanging dancing; and (b) to promote the good feeling and collaborative between the members of the Professional Dancers Federation and the National Dance Council of America and all who use the professional services of the Professional Dancers Federation.

Why should I join?
The PDF is the only establishment in the USA with a place on the NDCA whose especial purpose is to introduce the Dancesport Professional! The PDF can and will receive your railings to NDCA anonymously! Have a nationwide establishment support you!!

Did You Know?
Many people don’t undrstand that the PDF is answerable for many enhancements at competitions that today’ s cliffhanging dancesport professionals satisfy. For example:
Handling railings against hanging committees or organizers anonymously.

  • No smoking in the ballroom.
  • Drinking water in the ballroom.
  • 20 minutes between rounds.
  • Voting down surcharge on entries.

And more…

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