NEW PDF!by Richard Booth

As of this writing we have the following volunteers to serve on these committees
The PDF Professional Dancesport Competitors Committee

  • Donna Edelstein-Botes Standard
  • Nick Kosovich – Smooth
  • Tony Dovolani Rhythm
  • Michelle Madore Theater Arts
  • Louie Van Amstel – Latin

The PDF Pro/Am Dancesport Competitors Committee

  • Scott Anderson, MN
  • Mark Cohen, OH
  • Herb Vasquez, FL
  • Dave Watson, OR

The PDF Competition Officials Dancesport Committee

  • Sam Sodano
  • Ava Kaye Brennen
  • Ron Cotes
  • Ali Marashi

We are seeking more individuals engaged in uniting with the PDF managing officers to clerk on these committees. Please come in contact with us if you are engaged.

New NDCA Rules (01/11/2003)