What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is inability to achieve and maintain erection necessary to satisfy sexual partner.

We will not tell you how to treat impotence yourself, because we believe that independent treatment, without professionally conducted diagnostics, without careful study of factors that caused impotence, will bring nothing but harm.

Symptoms of erectile dysfunction, regardless of causes of erectile dysfunction that triggered it, are almost the same, but treatment can be very different: from a series of conversations with psychologist to complex treatment of diseases that have caused organic erectile dysfunction. Temporary erection disorder, possibly caused by fatigue and nervous overexertion, can develop into persistent impossibility to live sexual life, destroy family.methods of treatment of Erectile dysfunction

Therefore, all men, and those who first encountered signs of erectile dysfunction and do not know what to do, and those who realize that they have psychological and physical reasons that make sexual intercourse impossible, and those who have almost given up, we invite to read this article.

Methods of Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

All methods of treating impotence are divided into conservative and surgery. Conservative methods of treating erectile dysfunction include drug therapy (pills, injections), as well as use of vacuum-constrictor devices.

Treatment of Psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction

An experienced therapist psychotherapist conducts a course of psychotherapy aimed at eliminating psychogenic causes of erectile dysfunction. Duration of the course is chosen individually. Effectiveness of treatment of psychogenic forms of erectile dysfunction is very high – more than 80%. However, psychogenic impotence is not so common (about 20% of all those who complain of erectile dysfunction). Often when examining a patient with psychogenic impotence, they also reveal organic disorders. Treatment of psychogenic impotence is carried out both in the form of monotherapy, and in the form of supplement to treatment of mixed forms of potency violation.

Medicational Therapy

Modern medications used in clinical practice allow achieving high treatment efficiency, which reaches 70 – 80%. To prescribe these drugs, you need to consult a doctor, as these drugs have contraindications. These drugs can cause such side effects such as headache, sudden redness of face and neck, hyperemia of nasal cavity, changes in color perception and visual acuity.

Vacuum-Constrictive Therapy of Impotence

Essence of this method is to create negative pressure in cavernous bodies of penis with the help of vacuum cylinder and a pump, which causes blood flow and erection held by applying special compressive ring at the base of penis, limiting venous outflow. Thus, it becomes possible to have sexual intercourse. Compressing ring can be applied no more than 30 minutes. Effectiveness of the method is 40 – 50%. The drawbacks include practical use of the device (it is impossible to hide from the partner, etc.), painful ejaculation caused by constricting ring, hemorrhages on penis, feeling of numbness of penis.

Method of Intracavernous Injections of Vasoactive Drugs

Essence of this method is microinjection of vasoactive drugs directly into penis before intercourse. Method of intracavernous injections of vasoactive drugs has become one of the most common and most effective among conservative methods of treating impotence. For treatment, prostaglandin is used, both in the form of monotherapy, and in various combinations.

Combination of drugs is used to reduce side effects of each of them by reducing concentration and potentiation of pharmacological action.

Effectiveness of this method reaches 98%. Treatment (if necessary) is carried out in conjunction with physiotherapy.

Comprehensive program approach to appointment of intracavernous therapy makes it possible to make application of this method effective and safe.


Surgery intervention in recent years is used increasingly rarely because of high effectiveness of drug therapy. Surgical methods are used in extreme cases, when conservative treatment does not give the desired results.

Surgery treatment of venous insufficiency of penis is performed in case of defeat of vasoocclusive mechanism of penis. Effectiveness of the method is more than 50%. This is achieved through a more thorough examination and application of a more modern technique of surgery. Even if after this surgery it was not possible to completely restore sexual function, performed surgery in most cases strengthens action of drug (tableted or injectable) therapy, which allows more complete restoration of sexual function. Elimination of venous outflow of blood from penis in the state of erection allows you to make erection stronger and more prolonged.

Erectile Dysfunction TreatmentSurgical treatment of arterial insufficiency of penis is indicated in case of insufficient arterial blood flow to cavernous tissue. Arterial microvascular shunting is performed, efficiency of which varies from 30 to 50%. This surgery shows high efficiency only in young patients.

Prosthesis of penis is now the main surgery method of restoring rigidity of penis. Implantation of prostheses is the final stage in treatment of impotence, when all previous methods of treatment were ineffective.