Every man faces some problem in sexual sphere during his lifetime. However, if individual cases of lack or weakness of erection can be caused by stress, excitement or other causes that are temporary, then at regular (in 25% of cases and more) inability to perform sexual intercourse, one has to talk about such disease as impotence. Depending on causes of the onset, several types of erectile dysfunction are distinguished.

Types of Impotence

Psychogenic. This kind of erectile dysfunction arises because of psychological problems: long stressful situations, neuroses, depression, tensed relationships with sexual partner, discrepancies between qualitative and quantitative composition of sexual life to needs of men. In cases when impotence is caused by psychological problems, patient retains spontaneous and masturbating erections, but adequate ones are sharply decreased, there may be observed libido disorders.

Types of Erectile dysfunctionOrganic. This kind of erectile dysfunction is caused by another disease or exposure of the body to negative factors (environmental conditions, bad habits). Impotence of organic nature, depending on the cause, can be of the following species:

  • vasculogenic. This type of erectile dysfunction manifests itself on the background of arterial and vasoocclusive disorders, as well as development of cavernous insufficiency and associated changes in cavernous bodies, vessels and nerve endings of penis. With this type of impotence, in men both spontaneous and adequate erections gradually weaken until complete disappearance, while libido persists;
  • hormonal. This type arises from violation of degree of assimilation of testosterone, most often this form of the disease is observed in patients with diabetes, Pasqualini syndrome, Cushing’s disease and other endocrinopathies. With hormonal impotence, decrease in libido occurs gradually;
  • neurogenic. This type of erectile dysfunction occurs as a result of diseases of spinal cord or brain and peripheral nerves. With «high» spinal disorders spontaneous and appearing at tactile effect erections are preserved, with «low» spinal disorders suffer both spontaneous and adequate erections. Libido in both cases does not suffer.

Mixed. Such impotence is caused by a combination of causes of psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction, for example, chronic disease in combination with psychological problems. Symptoms of mixed erectile dysfunction combine factors of both types.

Medicamental. This type is identified as a separate group. The disease is associated with the use of antihypertensive, antipsychotic drugs, antidepressants, antiandrogens, antihistamines, narcotic drugs. At drug impotence, both spontaneous and adequate erections suffer, and libido decreases.